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The Learning

There are three entry pathways into Chiron
1.  Chiron Healing®
2.  The Essences of the Ancient Civilisations®
3.  The Chrone

The AESC curriculum covers all of these and is formed around core Chiron Healing® modules; additional course material and Electives provide a well-rounded education in energy healing. Modules are structured sequentially to allow a smooth progression through to reach Professional Practitioner qualification. There are no pre­-requisites to begin this course. No previous experience is necessary. Students choose their own pace of learning which gives them ample opportunity to absorb and integrate what they learn at each Level. Some students find the fundamentals of Chiron Healing® as taught in Level One are sufficient for their needs, while others progress through the entire curriculum if planning a career as a professional Practitioner.

All students are provided with a comprehensive manual as part of their registration fee for each Level. Participants attending their first Chiron Healing® Level 1 seminar also receive a Student Logbook; this provides general Chiron information and sets out the requirements for Practitioner training. Space is allocated for the student to keep a record of all Chiron Healing® courses completed, Annual Gatherings, Practice sessions attended and Clinical Observation hours.

Professional Practitioner Requirements – Updated Student Logbook

Students who enrol in Chiron Healing® Professional Practitioner studies after October 1, 2023, are issued with Student Logbook, Version 11, October 2023. They must complete the Professional Practitioner requirements as listed.

Students who enrolled in Chiron Healing® courses prior to October 1, 2023, need to complete Professional Practitioner requirements in the Student Logbook they were issued with when they completed Chiron Healing® Level One. The updated requirements do not apply to you.

Course Structure and Prospectus

All courses are conducted by accredited Chiron Healing® Teachers. Each core Chiron Healing® module is taught over a two day weekend workshop and comprises of a balance of theory and hands ­on practical training. Core Chiron Healing® Levels 1-4 must be taken in sequence (i.e. Chiron Healing® Level 1 before Chiron Healing® Level 2, etc.). It is highly recommended Essences of the Ancient Civilisations® 1-3 modules are taken in sequence; however, it is not compulsory. Other modules and Electives have no set sequence and you may study them in any order. Chiron Healing® Level 1 must be repeated to ensure a thorough grounding in the basic understanding of the principles, philosophies and techniques of Chiron Healing®. Although the Chiron Healing® Level 1 repeat is compulsory *see the note below* students may  choose to refresh any of the modules during the course of their studies as desired.


Australian Energy School of Chiron Prospectus 2024

Course Conduct Policy

Our Course Conduct Policy  for Chiron Healing® Course/ Workshop/ Gathering participants states the behaviour expected in class. Our core aim is to facilitate learning, the protocol lays out a code of conduct, which includes personal interaction with each other based on respect, courtesy and accepted norms of non-disruptive behaviour.

Course Dates

AESC teachers publish their course dates and locations in the Events calendar Please check the calendar regularly as new courses are added as soon as they are confirmed. If you have a group of students in your area ready to study and there are no courses scheduled, please contact us to see if there is a teacher available. (Conditions apply).

Course Levels - Teacher Qualifications

All AESC teachers are qualified to teach Chiron Healing(R) Level One.
Teachers of further Levels and specific Seminars and workshops are published in this table of Teachers qualified for IACHI courses

Please contact aesc@iachi.com if you have any queries about whether there is a teacher available for a specific Workshop.

Course Fees

AESC teachers set their own fee schedules. As a general guide the registration fee for a two­ day module is between A$350 ­A$450. This fee includes a comprehensive Course Manual and morning and afternoon teas. There is an additional fee for assessments (see below) and students are responsible for personal expenses when attending courses e.g. meals, accommodation and travel.

Qualification Steps

How to Enrol

View the table of Teachers qualified for IACHI courses.

Contact nominated teachers for dates and course availability, visit the Teacher Directory for contact details.

If you have any queries please contact aesc@iachi.com.