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The Association


Strength in Numbers

IACHI encourages and fosters the healing art known as Chiron Healing® and promotes the acceptance of a uniform standard and understanding of the unique training and qualifications of the Chiron Healing® practitioner, promoting their professional status throughout the world. On completion of your first Chiron Healing(R) Level One, each new student receives a complimentary IACHI Associate membership valid from the date of their completed Level One seminar until the end of the current financial year.

We Promote Your Practice

Free inclusion of your practice in our website’s public, searchable database that includes your picture, biography, specialties, a high-quality link to your website and more. The value of this, can, in essence, pay for your membership!

We Educate the Public

Our website educates the public about the extensive training and qualifications our members have as Chiron Healers®

We Are Your Community

Quarterly e-newsletters with articles and information on issues affecting our profession locally and nationally. Online networking through our members-only Facebook Group. IACHI members can use this forum to ask questions of and receive referrals from fellow members, building strong professional ties to help our profession and community grow. Meet and socialize with your colleagues at our annual Gathering that includes nationally-known instructors and affordable CPD credits.

Opportunities to serve your profession on the IACHI committees.

This is your MAIN opportunity to have a voice in the direction of your profession, while applying your skills and talents to facilitate the efficient functioning of the Association for our Chiron community.

Membership Categories and Fees

Membership of the Association will entitle the member to receive newsletters, workshop dates and other information relevant to their category of membership.

Membership status may be upgraded at any time provided the relevant qualifications have been attained and all fees are paid.

Membership fees become due on 1 July annually and cover Membership from 1 July – 30 June in any one year.
Please note that Annual Membership fees cannot be processed prior to 1 July;
for part year Memberships contact treasurer@iachi.com for pro rata fees.

Membership application forms

New members: 

Please choose your category, (Professional or Associate Member) and then also fill out the Permission Authority Form, which lets you choose your privacy settings and specify how IACHI uses your contact details. This is required for all new members.

IACHI Associate Membership app form v5.3b April 2020.doc

IACHI Associate Membership app form v5.3b April 2020.pdf

IACHI Non-Professional membership app form v7.4a April 2020.doc

IACHI Non-Professional membership app form v7.4a April 2020.pdf