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The Learning

Chiron Healing® is Universal. AESC considers all students and graduates deserving of equal learning opportunities and as such are treated with respect, dignity, sensitivity and care. Our students encompass diverse backgrounds and bring differing levels of knowledge and experience when it comes to working with energies. Regardless, everyone is made welcome, no matter whether you are just commencing your healing journey or are an experienced practitioner.

Ongoing support is important to us: continuing personal and professional development is offered through Annual Gatherings, post­graduate Practitioner and Teacher trainings.

Chiron Healing® answers the growing call for compassionate means of healing in today’s stress laden world with this gentle, effective method of restoring balance to the subtle energy systems of the body.

The Professional Chiron Healing® Practitioner Certificate is the basic requirement to commencing private practice enabling students to call themselves a "Chiron Healing® Practitioner" or “Chiron Healer”. The course gradually builds up the student's knowledge of Chiron Healing® principles, philosophies and techniques as they progress through the levels of training; it also provides them with the knowledge and skills required to become an independent practitioner. This qualification is accredited by the International Association of Chiron Healers Inc. (IACHI). Graduates are eligible to join IACHI as Professional Members.

While many Chiron Healing® graduates ultimately choose to go into private practice, others are satisfied with an improved knowledge of energy healing, working on themselves, family and friends. Some apply their learning and certain specialized techniques to help heal Gaia, the animals and the plants. There is also further opportunity for practitioners to continue their studies, going on to become Chiron Healing® Teachers.

When you study Chiron Healing® the Choice is yours.

For more information please contact the Australian Energy School of Chiron.