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The Technique

Jan Thomas

Founder of Chiron Healing® 

Jan Thomas (formerly Trenorden, nee Reading) 1948- 2011

Jan was an exceptionally gifted Seer and Psychic who, with this skill and talent, dedicated her life to the bringing through and development of the body of information which came to be known as Chiron Healing®. This she achieved by virtue of connecting with the Spirit realms and particularly with Master Chiron, the ancient Greek teacher.

"We are the Universe and the Universe is Us" - Jan Thomas  

For more than 30 years Jan worked with others to teach students, training practitioners and teachers in this extraordinary healing modality.

Author of several books and many articles, Jan also wrote the complete series of teaching manuals which accompany every Chiron Healing® seminar and workshop taught through the Australian Energy School of Chiron. Other published writings cover a wide range of subjects such as: working with children, working with animals and plants, addictions, essences, working with colour and sound; as well as healing in the ancient ways. Given that Jan was a stickler for presenting the Master’s words and healing concepts exactly as channelled, it is no surprise that this information was entrusted into her care. Jan’s knowledge of Chiron Healing® procedures and the body’s energy pattern is unsurpassed

Although Jan Thomas passed in 2011, her selfless dedication to sharing the knowledge and wisdom of Chiron with such great respect, has allowed Chiron Healing® to live on within each and every student.

"Everything that is, has, or will happen, comes into being for a reason" - Jan Thomas