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The Technique

The Chiron Healing® of today, had its beginnings in Warrnambool, Australia where a group of health professionals began meeting in the late 1970s to listen and learn from the gifted psychic channel, Jan Thomas (formerly Trenorden). During channelling sessions to bring through the Master Chiron, Jan imparted information about the human energy field and its influence on increasing vitality and wellness within the human body. During the ensuing years, as the vital techniques and philosophies of Master Chiron were collated, so too valuable insights into the workings of the human body in health and disease became evident. Clearly this was a method of energy healing that needed to be shared with the world. Today Chiron Healing® is found throughout Australia and Overseas.

Chiron Healing® answers the growing call for a compassionate means of healing in today’s stress laden world with a gentle, effective method of restoring balance to the subtle energy systems of the body.

This increasing volume of knowledge grew into a comprehensive series of workshops and accompanying manuals were developed. The company ‘Cheironia Pty Ltd’ was then established to publish the Master’s work. In the year 2000, answering an increased demand for training and an official recognition of qualifications for Chiron Healing®, the International Association of Chiron Healers Incorporated (IACHI) was formed. Subsequently the Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC) was established providing the necessary structure to unify the content and standards for all training courses conducted in Australia and Overseas

Chiron Healing® addresses all matter as an expression of the Energy that surrounds and permeates all physical matter; referred to as Etheric energy or the Aura.

It is within this subtle network of etheric energy that Chiron Healing practitioners work, drawing energy through their hands to bring about healing on all levels. The specific yet subtle, non-invasive techniques alleviate ‘dis-at-easements’ by clearing, repairing and strengthening the etheric pattern. By correcting imbalances at their source (in the Etheric Pattern), true healing is achievable and life sustaining energy can then flow freely again.

The Chiron Healing® techniques, Philosophies and essences of the Past exist for much needed positive healing - Now.

We deeply honour Jan Thomas (1948 - 2011) who devoted her life to bringing through and further developing this gentle, yet powerfully effective form of healing.