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My hormones seemed to be wreaking havoc with my life. I went to a Chiron Healing® practitioner for several sessions with the result that my moods settled down, the irritability and brain fog decreased markedly. I was able to function better at work and didn’t need to take time off each month.

I had received a medical diagnosis that left me feeling anxious, helpless and very distressed. While having the medical treatments, I also had Chiron sessions. Each time I felt incredibly relaxed although I can’t describe how it works. My mind is eased, I can sleep again and feel a deep certainty that all will be well in my life once again.

I was amazed at how quickly the crippling pain in my hand gradually just vanished as the Chiron healer worked on it. Half an hour earlier, I had accidentally smashed it into a solid wall; the pain shooting up my arm into my shoulder was intense and I couldn’t physically use my hand at all. It was incredible, within an hour I was able to return to work and use my hand tools normally again.

I don’t know how but Chiron Healing® helped with my 4 year old’s behaviour. He was going through a growth spurt and I was finding his behaviour particularly challenging. He wouldn’t listen to reason, was alternately teary, hitting out, mouthing off and generally very hard to deal with. Following a Chiron session, which included some Chiron Essences on his tummy, his behaviour changed immediately back to the best side of him, loving, polite, responsive and helpful when asked

On my mum’s advice, I went for a Chiron session for my sore knee. I’m so glad I did, I noticed a dramatic difference between how I felt before and after the session. My knee immediately felt a lot better, but I also felt an uplifting that I can’t explain, a lightness in my head.

As an older builder, I suffer from stiffness, aches and pains that work-related kneeling, twisting and bending give me. I can feel the relief within a matter of hours after a session. Thank you.