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The International Association of Chiron Healers Incorporated is a not for profit association which values the support of members and public donations.

IACHI has the long term view of building a bricks and mortar school to establish a learning facility for teaching the Chiron Healing® curriculum. In aid of generating the funds to commence this project, IACHI has established the School Building Fund.

Our members are of core value to IACHI, the association recognises that fostering a strong community bond amongst members is of upmost importance. The Annual Gathering is a critical event for connection and learning, which can prove inaccessible to some members. To address this IACHI has established The New Friar’s Fund, to assist members who would otherwise be unable to attend the Gathering. IACHI encourage previous recipients who have benefited from the funding to contribute in kind as they are able.

Donation requests can be submitted via the form below or by contacting IACHI administration directly. Note: no monetary transactions are taken directly via the form below.