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The Learning

Professional Development is a crucial aspect of Chiron Healing® learning and teaching continuity. All IACHI Professional Members (Practitioners, Advanced Practitioners and Teachers) are required to complete Compulsory Professional Development (CPD) hours to maintain professional registration and be eligible for Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. The minimum requirement is attendance at one (1) approved Professional Development course every two years.

During the 2021 - 2024 period onward, where physical course attendance is not possible, CPD credits may be accrued by attending the Online IACHI - AESC Annual Gathering.
Watching the Discourse Sessions channeled by Jan Thomas is another option
Please note - all Discourse Sessions are in English.

Further information is available in the IACHI Student Logbook (issued to all students upon enrollment) and the IACHI-AESC Teacher’s Handbook (issued to all new trainee Teachers).

‘I so look forward to attending the Annual Gathering each year – not only to catch up with far flung colleagues but to be immersed the wholeness of Chiron and to personally experience the further healing qualities of techniques old and new.’

LTS Practitioner and Teacher, Australia

'Because travel has been restricted around the world, I attended the 2022 Annual Online Gathering and am very much looking forward to this year's 2023 event online too! It was wonderful to see everyone... even if our hugs were virtual ones. The Chiron topics are always timely, clearly presented and immediately usable. Thank you all for this opportunity to stay up to date with my learning. See you there!'

Chiron Student, New Zealand