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The Practitioners

Jan Thomas 1948- 2011


Beloved Founder of Chiron Healing® in the modern world, Jan was born with a psychic gift choosing to use her talents selflessly for the betterment of humanity throughout her life. Her teaching, healing and love ever live on with us.

Trevor Creed 1942 - 2015

Playing an integral part in the unfolding of the Chiron Healing(R) story from the outset, Trevor remains in our hearts as a noble statesman, amazing Chiron Healing(R) Advanced Practitioner, Teacher and Mentor of world renown.

Heiko Rudolph 1959 - 2018

As a memorable past IACHI President, AESC committee member, IACHI Web developer and co-coordinator, Heiko gladly shared his enquiring mind and Chiron Healing® in Advanced Practitioner, Teacher and Mentor modes world wide.

Michael Webb 1943 - 2019

An IACHI member of long standing, Michael was instrumental in the formation of AESC - the School; remembered for his wide smile and wholehearted commitment to Chiron Healing® as an Advanced Practitioner, Teacher and Mentor throughout the world.

Lisa Hare 1948 - 2022

A generous caring nature drew Lisa to Chiron Healing® and ultimately into an extensive Teaching role, benefiting countless students for many years both in Taiwan and Australia.