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The Experience

What happens in a professional Chiron Healing® Session?

During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss any health issues or concerns with your practitioner. For the Chiron Healing® session you remain fully clothed and are usually lying on a treatment table, in a comfortable position; some clients, for agility reasons, may prefer to be treated while sitting in a chair. Sessions are gentle and relaxing, conducted within a safe healing environment; they usually last between 45 - 60 minutes. For much of the session the practitioner will work with their hands, repairing and re-balancing the energy surrounding your physical body (known as your etheric body or aura). At times the practitioner will gently touch the client's physical body. Practitioners may use specific essences to enhance the healing process; these will be explained and are for external application only. Many clients can feel the subtle energy process taking place while others simply experience a deep sense of relaxation.

"After dropping a great lump of firewood on my foot, my heart started pounding and I thought my toe was broken. Thank you so much for what you did in your special healing way – I felt calmer, the bleeding stopped and the throbbing pain went away allowing me to walk on it. It feels much improved." - Mrs. RH received Emergency Chiron Healing® care, NZ 

...and after a Chiron Healing® Session?

People may experience a sense of greater mental clarity, have intuitive insights, feel more comfortable in their bodies, and experience less pain. Many experience wonderful results from Chiron Healing®, at times these are considered life-changing.

Taking a little time out, when possible, after the session allows the work to be integrated; people continue with their lives as their energy realigns. As each individual has unique needs, before leaving, the practitioner will advise of any post session home care.

How to Book

You can easily locate a qualified professional Chiron Healing® practitioner: they are listed on the Practitioner Directory by country, state and area.

Once you have located a Practitioner in your area, you will need to contact the practitioner directly by phone or email to arrange your Chiron Healing® session. Some Practitioners have set clinic hours while others have flexible schedules.

Each IACHI Registered professional Chiron Healing® Practitioner is an independent practitioner. As such their fee structures may vary depending on a number of factors; on average these range between $85 -$120/ per hour. It is advisable to discuss with and obtain a current fee schedule from your chosen Chiron healer prior to your first session.

Your privacy is honoured and respected. You can be confident that any personal information recorded for treatment purposes is kept secure and will never be released to any third party unless requested by yourself or as required by Law.