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The Technique

Chiron Healing® draws from the wisdom of Chiron and ancient Greece.  In the ancient Greek myths, Chiron was “acknowledged by mortals and immortals alike as the wisest of all things beneath the sky. In his teachings he sought to give all of the knowledge needed for each of his students, in order to make them whole and complete in their teachings and energy, so that they, in turn, could teach their own students. He taught the arts of healing, music, astrology, surgery, herbal medicine, hunting, riding and the arts of war.” In recent history Chiron Healing® is associated with the Aesclepian Healing Temples of Greece which are still in existence today.

"All Chiron work is based in ‘responsibility’ and the more of your own responsibility you accept, the more it works for you." - Jan Thomas  

“Chiron is the half-man, half-horse, King of the Centaurs, who resided in a cave on Mount Pelion in ancient Greece. He was accidentally wounded in the leg by a poison arrow and because he was immortal could not die, so he suffered greatly because of this wounding and agony became a part of his life. Because of his own pain he taught his students everything that he could to alleviate pain and suffering in the world. Finally when Promethius was punished for stealing fire from the gods, Chiron traded his immortality with him so Promethius might live and Chiron could at last lay down the pain that had so haunted him. This is why Chiron has always been known as the ‘Wounded Healer’. Chiron is now represented and known to us as Sagittarius – the archer of the heavens.” 

Our thanks to Jan Thomas (Trenorden) ‘The Essences of the Ancient Civilisations’

Like Chiron, many of us have some area in our lives which we may have struggled to heal. In our search for meaning and healing we gain knowledge and learn new skills along the way. In the process of healing we begin to evolve spiritually, thus enriching our lives. The search for meaning becomes the quest for our own Truth.