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Curriculum core modules, courses, seminars, workshops and events information are provided by the organizers of each event.
Register early to secure a place. Upon registration all course details are to be confirmed with the event contact or Teacher at least 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date of the seminar.

For official registration of your studies, please ensure to attend courses conducted by our Certified registered Teachers.

For information on seminars, courses or workshop not currently listed or to request a Seminar in your locality, please contact Australian Energy School of Chiron AESC or Individual Teachers.

Latest Past Events

Chiron Classic (Triangle) Essences

The Floating Lily Natural Therapy 132 Lagoon Street,, Goulburn

Triangle Essences help people deal with the 'physical pain' that they go through when a part of the 'structure' of the Master Diamond is damaged or down in energy.