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Sandra Young

+61 887 393 245

Chiron Healing®Practitioner

Looking to expand her healing career as a Pharmacist, Sandra was really excited to learn an alternative non-invasive, gentle and natural form of healing, becoming a Chiron Healing® Practitioner in 2008 and is still today amazed by the ongoing power of Chiron Healing®. She enjoys the set techniques of Chiron Healing®, while also having the diverse abilities to still be individualistic.

Practicing from two locations in South Australia – Mt Gambier and Southend, through Chiron Healing®, Sandra assists her clients in balancing their pattern, removing negativity and infusing beautiful white light and positivity. She ensures she is current in her knowledge and learns new techniques at annual Chiron Healing® Gatherings where she also enjoys the collective energy of those attending.

Phone:  +61 887 393 245
Address:  , 33 Bridges Drive, Southend, South Australia, 5280, Australia
Email:  tortuwallin@bigpond.com
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