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Selina - Hui-Chen Ku

+886 928 806 068

Chiron Healing® Advanced Practitioner,
Chiron Healing® Teacher

Located in Taiwan, Selina is qualified in aromatherapy and massage. She studied aromatherapy in 1998 through the organisation Canjune, which was where she also had her first contact with Chiron Healing® in 2005, becoming a practitioner in 2011 and has now achieved 20 years in the healing fields.

Selina first came into contact with Chiron Healing® at a very low point of her life, enrolling in a class having little knowledge and a wonderful journey of life has since unfolded for her.

Curiosity towards people is the main reason Selina became a practitioner. As a Practitioner, Selina understands, listens to and supports her clients through conversation, seeing growth and the potential for further expansion in their professional relationships. As a Teacher, Selina aims to truthfully pass on the Master’s wisdom and message in Love and Light.

Selina specialises in identifying and assisting issues resulting from emotions and relationships as well as Etheric surgery. She is a relaxed and warm Practitioner who has an open mind and really listens to, and supports, her clients.

Phone:  +886 928 806 068
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