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Judith, Ya-Ting Tsai

+886 989 302 641

Chiron Healing® Practitioner

Chiron Healing® is not just meaningful and helpful; it often gives people the strength to move forward. Although Judith’s careers encompassed school teaching, software system development and project management, she knew they were not right for her. During her first Chiron Healing® session, Judith was guided to study Chiron and began attending workshops.

Over the past four years, Judith has also studied anthroposophy and education to further understand humans. On the path of studying Chiron, she finally sees who the ‘real me’ is. Judith finds people receive benefits from her treatments and given her very different working-life experiences, people like to come to talk about their emotional distress or kids’ troubles, gathering personal strength for their paths.

Judith is interested in life, growth, cancer conditioning and autism related topics. She studies how to take care of people either via traditional Chinese life ways or in the spiritual growth field. As a practitioner, Judith offers those people who come to her clinic a stable and warm energy. Through the treatments, people can turn their energy field from an iceberg into a snow melting forest.

Phone:  +886 989 302 641
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