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Marion Golding-Clarke

+64 273 050 160

Chiron Healing® Professional Practitioner

While living in Australia in 1985, Marion met Jan Thomas (Trenorden) and the healers who worked with her which ignited her life-long passion for Chiron Healing®. It was many years of study and many Diplomas later that Marion found herself drawn back to learning the Chiron ways. She returned her focus and passion to Energy Healing and the intuitive work of Chiron Healing®, ultimately achieving IACHI Accredited Professional Practitioner status in 2018. Marion’s enquiring mind took her through a Diploma of Esoteric Healing, studying & practicing Vipassana Meditation for 10 years plus a Diploma in Homeopathy. Her healing interests encompass Chinese Philosophy, Polarity, Emotional Release techniques, Past Life Therapy, Intuitive Readings and the making of Flower and Gem Essences. These naturally lead her to the homeopathic use of plant and mineral remedies to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability and help move a person towards wellness.

While she works full time as a practitioner and manager of a Health & Wellbeing Centre, as a healer, Marion’s primary goal is to clear a space so each person can take charge of their health and become more aware of their life journey. Although she still draws on the skills learnt in the past, Marion is adamant that Chiron Healing® has brought more depth to her work and finds she gets lasting results from the techniques.

Marion looks forward to seeing you at her place of practice.

Phone:  +64 273 050 160
Address:  Aroha Health & Wellbeing, 41 Moorhouse St, Morrinsville, Waikato, 3300, New Zealand
Email:  natural.healing@xtra.co.nz
Web Address:  http://mgchealing.com