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Dejara - Chia - Yin Lee

+886 958 243 783

Chiron Healing®Advanced Practitioner
Chiron Healing®Teacher

As an aromatherapist, Dejara initially encountered Chiron Healing® in Taiwan through her colleagues and felt it to be amazing for all people. From this starting point she studied, becoming a Chiron Healing® Practitioner in 2009 and later a Chiron Healing® Level One Teacher early in 2018. Meditation, reading, thinking & experiencing go hand in hand for Dejara as vital components of her profession. She explains that we are really just ‘helpers’ facilitating an expanded awareness in others. In her business, named ‘Maxi Lee’, she helps people through the ‘mist’ on their path and assists them as they discover their own truth so enabling them to continue on their own path with greater confidence.

Phone:  +886 958 243 783
Address:  Dejara/Maxi Lee, , Taipei, , 11071, Taiwan
Email:  [email protected]
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