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Rosemary Gleeson

+61 447 617 768

Chiron Healing® Advanced Practitioner,
Chiron Healing® Practitioner
Chiron Healing®Teacher

Rosemary is an accomplished and aspiring Chiron Healing® Practitioner and Teacher, who works instinctively with the ancient tools and wisdoms of The Chrone and Chiron Healing ® Teachings. Being a natural empath not only enhances her intuitive senses but also expands her awareness of the present energy available to us all.

Private practice for Rosemary is predominantly in Warrnambool, Victoria although she sees clients in Geelong and Melbourne and offers distant healings on request. Her clientele ranges from newborns to wise ones, to those seeking courage for living and those seeking strength to die; others seek respite from physical pain while still more seek to nurture their sense of Self, their True Nature.

By creating a clean, clear and safe space which aligns with that place of possibility, clients can simply breathe a little deeper and give themselves permission to be who they really are. Rosemary encourages, supports and guides clients to access their own healing ability, to align and celebrate the essence of their spirit with their unique flow and rhythm of Life. Facilitated group sessions also cover Gaian Healings for Supporting Spirit of Place and ancestral healing; Expanding awareness for Intuitive development, shifting perspectives and Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation, as an endorsed teacher 2006, through the Living Well Centre – The Gawler foundation.

During her teenage years, as a chiropractic patient, Rosemary distantly experienced the subtle shifts of Trevor Creed, Chiropractor as he became a Chiron Healer. Later, after exploring a nursing career, gaining a diploma of Shiatsu Therapy and experiencing various Shamanic practices whilst traveling though Africa and Europe, Rosemary returned ‘home’ to attend a Chiron Healing® course. Joanne Messenger (Jennings) presented whilst Jan Thomas (Trenorden) sat quietly at the back of the room weaving the energy until it was time for her to channel a message for each participant from the great Master teacher Chiron/Chira. Resonating with the message she received, Rosemary began to understand the strong connections she had with energies of the Earth and Cosmos as well as her innate skills and talents. Realigning with her core truth and expressing her true essence, she acknowledges those who prompted her experiential Chiron Healing® learning: Joanne’s nurturing words and teaching methods, Trevor’s skilled actions and knowledge and Jan’s wisdoms and generosity in sharing her intuitive gifts. Rosemary expresses gratitude to her Mother and all her Teachers past, present and future.

Rosemary loves to dance, laugh and explore the natural world in all its forms and shapes. She is passionate about sharing the language of energy, where words are woven to expand awareness, enriching life.

You are invited to contact her for further information or simply to say hello and maybe dance together on this shifting creative canvas called ‘Life’

Phone:  +61 447 617 768
Address:  , 264 Lava St, Warrnambool, Victoria, 3280, Australia
Email:  [email protected]
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