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Corine Magnenat

+41 796 283 462

Chiron Healing® Practitioner,
Chiron Healing® Teacher,
English Teacher

Born and raised in the French speaking side of Switzerland, Corine discovered Chiron Healing® in 2001 following a local visit by Trevor Creed. It was at that moment Corine knew her life needed to change and this decision was also supported by her faith.

Corine attended multiple Chiron Healing® workshops, becoming firstly a Practitioner then a Teacher of levels 1-4.

Focusing on her own personal development, Corine created ‘Soinsdessaints’, a healing technique through painting along with ‘MMI Therapy’, a daily self-help newsletter. She features in the Switzerland book of healers and will shortly appear in a documentary focusing on Switzerland based healers.

Corine specialises in absent healing, allowing her to work on a client remotely. She has had a lot of experience with cysts, growths, grief, depression, surgery, pregnancy and unblocking situations.

Phone:  +41 796 283 462
Address:  , , Grand-Saconnex, Geneve, 1218, Switzerland
Email:  magnenatcorine@yahoo.fr
Web Address:  http://www.guerisonchironique.ch