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Deborah Sawtell

+61 421 479 772

Chiron Healing®Advanced Practitioner,
Chiron Healing®Practitioner
Chiron Healing®Teacher,

Deborah is a Chiron Healing® Practitioner and Teacher based on the Sunshine Coast. Teaching has taken her to Taiwan, China, the UK, Europe and the USA, while actively supporting IACHI and the AESC school committee. She is committed to helping others find their place in the world, releasing barriers that prevent them from leading happy and successful lives, through Chiron Healing® and Chrone wisdoms.

Deborah sees each individual as being unique and having an important place in the world.

Phone:  +61 421 479 772
Address:  , , Mapleton, Queensland, 4560, Australia
Email:  [email protected]
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