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Dee Leamon

+61 411 741 882

Chiron Healing®Advanced Practitioner,
Chiron Healing® Practitioner
Chiron Healing® Teacher,

Having studied behavioural science and social science as a mature aged student, Dee established her healing career in 1984. After studying Reflexology in England and Denmark she began teaching at the International Institute of Reflexology and later at the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

1992 saw Dee become Co-Principal and Co-Owner of the Australian College of Reflexology and Relaxation, while continuing to actively see clients through several clinics.

On a friend’s recommendation, Dee attended an introduction to Chiron Healing® workshop in 1991 and was immediately captivated. She was fortunate to not only learn directly from Jan Thomas and Trevor Creed, but to also work one-on-one with Trevor in his Melbourne clinic. Dee sensed a calling after experiencing strong senses and insights during her client’s reflexology sessions.

Dee runs a Reflexology and Chiron Healing® practice in Melbourne and draws on her additional knowledge gained throughout her career. She is passionate and finds her profession very rewarding, crediting the direction her life has taken with the opportunity to meet many wonderful clients and colleagues along her journey.

Dee enjoys practicing Reiki, Qigong and Yoga on a daily basis and is still seeing her yoga teacher who is now 96! She feels these practices feed her, allowing her to draw on the energy she requires to work with both reflexology and Chiron Healing®.

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