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Larraine Crawshaw

+61 353 326 526

Chiron Healing® Advanced Practitioner,
Chiron Healing® Teacher,
Director of Chariclo Pty Ltd

As a child, Larraine was always interested in things “non-physical”, and while a practicing Chiropractor working with Trevor Creed in 1981, she met Jan Thomas as a patient.

Larraine was one of the first to qualify as a Chiron Healing® Practitioner and Teacher and became an inaugural member of the Chiron Healing® Group, assisting in the testing and development of the new healing information in clinic.

She opened her Ballarat Chiropractic practice in 1982 and now runs a multi-disciplinary clinic which includes chiropractic, massage, podiatry, myotherapy and acupuncture. She works on a part-time basis as both a Chiropractor and Chiron Healer.

Larraine became the inaugural President of IACHI in 2000, assisting in the establishment of the Association’s official structure, as well as restructuring the AESC School curriculum.

Larraine takes a holistic approach to healing, understanding each individual is on their own personal healing journey, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to express their full potential. She works with her clients to support them on their journey and achieve their health goals.

Since retiring from AESC, Larraine has been collecting and recording original Chiron Healing® information to ensure it continues to be retained.

Phone:  +61 353 326 526
Address:  Lydiard Chiropractic Chariclo P/L, , Ballarat, Victoria, 3350, Australia
Email:  [email protected]
Web Address:  http://www.chariclo.com