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Leanne Thistlewaite

+61 409 307 808

Chiron Healing® Practitioner,
Registered Nurse,
Registered Midwife,
Maternal and Child Health Nurse

Having completed her general nurse and midwife training, Leanne is a maternal and child health nurse.

Leanne’s mother, following involvement with Chiron Healing® pioneers Jan Thomas and Trevor Creed in the mid 1980’s, became a practitioner and reflexologist, so Chiron Healing® has always been part of Leanne’s life where she experienced the benefit of her mother’s wisdom and experience when growing up.

Wanting to offer her own family the same opportunities for good health, Leanne studied and became a Chiron Healing® practitioner in 2016 before opening her own practice ‘Ascot Vale Chiron Clinic’. With Chiron Healing® helping Leanne through a lot of difficult life experiences, she enjoys being able to offers others this same support.

Phone:  +61 409 307 808
Address:  Ascot Vale Chiron Clinic, , Ascot Vale, Victoria, 3032, Australia
Email:  [email protected]
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