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Linda Turley Sweeney

+64 279 574 317

Chiron Healing® Advanced Practitioner,
Chiron Healing® Teacher,
Doctor of Chiropractic DC (USA),
Feldenkrais Practitioner Certificate

Linda practices from three locations – Mount Gambier, Melbourne and Parua Bay, NZ.

Studying to be a Chiropractor in Iowa, Linda graduated in the late 1970’s before returning to practice in New Zealand. She migrated to South Australia the following year, initially in practice with Neville Creed, before establishing the ‘Mount Gambier Chiropractic Centre’ in 1985.

During the mid 1980’s, Linda was introduced to Jan Thomas through Trevor Creed, and it was then that she had her first exposure to Chiron Healing®. The subtle anatomy of the body’s energetic pattern and flow of the energy within it resonated with Linda, and complemented her existing knowledge gathered during her Chiropractic studies. Linda saw the Chiron Healing® techniques as an opportunity to address the clinical needs of, and benefit, her patients physically, mentally and emotionally. She has actively continued in private practice for over 40 years, currently incorporating Chiron Healing® and gentle Chiropractic care while also offering mobile practice house calls.

Linda specialises in relationship and grief issues, favouring Chiron Healing® Gem Essences and Essences of the Ancient Civilisations®, encompassing techniques from ‘Chiron on Children’, ‘Subtle Anatomy and the Family Pattern’ and ‘Drugs and Addictions’. Her passion and belief in Chiron Healing® is demonstrated in her love of both practicing and teaching, focusing on the practical application of the principles and each technique.

Linda takes a wholistic approach, understanding how each area of a patient’s life interconnects along with their energetic pattern. Identifying the immediate priorities of Chiron Healing® care, she gently encourages an awareness in each patient of their ability to heal; overcoming life challenges, accepting themselves and following their life paths.

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