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Rosemary Bower

617 5494 3069

Chiron Healing(R) Advanced Practitioner,
Chiron Healing® Teacher,
Gestalt Psychotherapist

Chiron Healing® just felt right for Rosemary – it made sense and she felt a strong inner drive to study, becoming a Practitioner and then Teacher.

Completing a Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Rosemary is also a qualified counsellor, clinical supervisor, facilitator and mediator.

Located in Maleny, QLD, Rosemary has been in private practice for 27 years with her psychotherapy clinic offering both Chiron Healing® and Gestalt Therapy and involves mediation and group facilitation.

As a Chiron Healing® Teacher, Rosemary enjoys facilitation group learning and supporting newer therapists in supervision. As a Practitioner, Rosemary works with clients on a range of areas from physical dis-at-easements to emotional and mental issues.

Phone:  617 5494 3069
Address:  , , Maleny, Queensland, 4552, Australia
Email:  rosemaryasbower@gmail.com
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