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Rosemary Bower

+61 754 943 069

Chiron Healing® Advanced Practitioner,
Chiron Healing® Teacher,
Gestalt Psychotherapist (MGest Therapy)

Rosemary has been in private practice for 27 years with her clinic offering both Chiron Healing® and Gestalt Psychotherapy Therapy. Rosemary has taught both Chiron Healing® and Psychotherapy in New Zealand, Tanzania and Taiwan and is presently a faculty member of Gestalt Therapy Brisbane.

Rosemary’s Chiron Healing® journey began within the continuum of a healing journey that first started in Japan in her early twenties with Soh Tai (a Japanese form of energy healing).
Rosemary was indeed fortunate to have Dr Trevor Creed as her first Chiron Healing® Teacher. Trevor was an exceptional and inspiring teacher. She later continued her education with Jan Thomas, the founder of Chiron Healing®. Learning from Jan for many years developed into a close friendship. It was clear that there was so much depth of theory knowledge and application in this modality. It made sense and it felt right. Rosemary is moved by the grace and groundedness of it.

In 2007, Rosemary graduated with a Masters in Gestalt Therapy (Psychotherapy). This had been a dream for many years. When working with these two modalities her understanding of energy forms the foundation of her awareness that is taken into all aspects of her life.
There is so much rapid change in our world and as we are all interconnected.... we are all in this together.

Endeavouring to stay curious and open Rosemary aims to engage with each client (or group) in a deeply respectful way.

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