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Latest Past Events

Annual IACHI Gathering 2021 Online


Annual Online Gathering allows us to support ourselves and each other in day to day life!
Pre-requisites: student completion of Chiron Healing(R) Level 1
Joining with the energies of Master Chiron & Chrone to bring connection, balance and healing where there is need.

Essences of the Ancient Civilisations® Level One

The Floating Lily Natural Therapy 132 Lagoon Street,, Goulburn

These are the original set of twelve essences to work on the ‘Physical’ You; to give a kick-start in areas that are weighing you down, draining your energy and making you operate on less than your full quota of energy.

Chiron Classic (Triangle) Essences

Chiron on Campbell Campbell Rd, Parua Bay

Triangle Essences help people deal with the 'physical pain' that they go through when a part of the 'structure' of the Master Diamond is damaged or down in energy.