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Rosemary Plunkett


Chiron Healing(R) Practitioner
Intuit Chrone

Rosemary, an original Earthling, experienced her past lives here on planet Earth. Born in a remote hill station in the Himalayan mountains to Burmese-Irish loving parents, she came to London as a refugee from Burma in 1948.

Her practice started in her home in 1989, located south of the City of Manchester, UK five miles from Ringway airport. You are welcome to come and relax in the quiet conservatory overlooking a peaceful tree-filled garden which is close to a sacred oak grove.

Rosemary chose to become a Chiron Healing® Practitioner. While her mother and three sisters were all highly skilled nurses, she wanted to learn to use healing skills, change people's wounds in a safe and protected way without using traditional surgery or drugs.

On meeting Gwynneth Campbell, a Chiron Healing® Teacher, Rosemary signed up for weekly Chiron Healing® sessions. Two years later, Jan Trenorden Thomas encouraged another Chiron teacher, Michael Webb, to visit the UK; he committed to annual visits and became the local Chiron Teacher. She blesses all their support and felt a warm connection with Jan.

Rosemary knows and values the following Teachers: Jan Thomas, Gwynneth Campbell,  Michael Webb, Corine Magnenat and her Mentor and Supervisor, Debbie Sawtell. Daily inspiration is finding new parts of herself and her clients; having a quest for more knowledge. Rosemary's passion is to live in the present; correct her addiction of "Rescuing" and learning to bond with Meg her rescue dog, giving her a fulfilled life.

Any client who arrives with pain in mind and/or body leaves smiling as Meg's eyes make their heart sing. Other skills used daily include Clinical Reflexology, Past Life Regression, Counselling, Numerology,  Dog Therapy and EFT. Rosemary's other interests involve discovering the wonders of being a great-grandmother; enjoying good home-cooked food; designing and sitting in her garden; reading and writing stories while living with three dogs.

Phone:  +44791630894
Address:  , 14 Clover Croft, Brooklands, Sale, Greater Manchester, M33 3PU, United Kingdom
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