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Adrianne Tayler

+61 427 687 206

Chiron Healing®Practitioner

Located in Koroit, Victoria.

With Chiron Healing® forming a basis to her practice.

Establishing her life skills, mentoring and natural therapy practice in South West Victoria over 15 years ago, Adrianne specialises in women’s wellbeing – physical, emotional and mental. She is passionate about empowering woman and girls to live their lives in joy, clarity and inspired action.

Chiron Healing® has provided Adrianne with insight, clarity and the ongoing ability to take inspired action for a fulfilling life.

Chiron Healing® has enabled Adrianne to overcome and release her ability to unblock her self-work and achieve optimal mental and physical health.

Adrianne enjoys taking the time to really listen and hear each of her client’s stories, providing deep and gentle connection. As a Chrone Healer, she assists in the release of the blocks and stresses at their source gently and powerfully using Chiron Healing®, Chiron Essences® and Australian Bush Flower Essences, Therapeutic Essential oils and sounds, empowering each client to better manage both the announced and unannounced changes impacting their lives.
Meditation and consciously walking lightly on Gaia are the cornerstones of her personal inner growth.

Phone:  +61 427 687 206
Address:  , , Koroit, Victoria, 3282, Australia
Email:  [email protected]
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