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Dawn Mead

614 0942 0371

Chiron Healing® Practitioner,
Psychotherapist (Gestalt),
Genome DNA & Stem Cell Healing Practitioner

Dawn brings 25 years’ experience in community welfare counselling and energy healing with her practice offering energy healing and Psychotherapy, Chiron Healing®, Genome Healing and Gestalt Therapy.

She specialises in relationship issues, trauma, mild depression, alignment, chronic illness and disease.

It was a case of ‘right place, right time’ for Dawn. After attending a workshop many years ago, she was drawn into the many levels of healing Chiron Healing® offered.

Dawn is a multi-faceted practitioner, blending her fields of expertise to carefully navigate and facilitate healing on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.

She enjoys continuous learning, bringing mindfulness, meditation and many essences into her practice to create a safe, trusting and compassionate environment to support healing at a deep soul and cellular level.

Phone:  614 0942 0371
Address:  , , Herston, Queensland, 4006, Australia
Email:  dawn.mead@gmail.com
Web Address:  http://aligninginlight.com