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International Association of Chiron Healers Incorporated (IACHI)

In May 2000, due to increased demand for training and for official recognition of qualifications for Chiron Healing® practitioners and teachers, an incorporated association for Chiron Healers was formed.  IACHI gave the necessary structure to unify the content, information and standards for all training courses conducted worldwide.


The purposes of the association are:

                a)  To encourage and provide continuing education for members

 b)  To establish and/or conduct a school of Chiron Healing® under the name Australian Energy School of Chiron or AESC or under such other name that the committee

 c)  Ensure the provision of ongoing training for practitioners and teachers to maintain and upgrade standards of excellence in Chiron Healing®.

 d)  To promote and foster high standards of professional services to the public.

 e)  Promote high professional standards of Chiron Healing® practice through registration of practitioners and teachers and a Code of Ethics.

 f)  To accredit Chiron Healing® practitioners and teachers in accordance with the association’s rules and to promulgate uniform standards of Chiron Healing® practice and

 g) To act as a world umbrella organisation for Chiron Healing® with whom other organisations approved by the committee in accordance with standards it specifies from time to
      time, may register, subscribe or affiliate.

 h) To foster and promote the professional status of Chiron Healing® in Australia and overseas.

 i)  Disseminate information and educate the general public and other health practitioners about the nature, practice and value of Chiron Healing®.

 j)  Represent the interests of Chiron Healing® practitioners and teachers.

 k) To promote, protect and further the rights, interests and welfare of members.

 l)  Provide professional advice and support for members, and to provide an opportunity for their social interaction.

Code of Ethics


1.       Chiron Healing® is based on the Einsteinian paradigm that recognises all matter as an expression of energy, and sees the human body as a network of complex energy fields that interface with
          physical/cellular systems.

 2.      Chiron Healing® is that method of restoring balance and harmony to the subtle energy systems of the body through the use of specialised forms of etheric energy to positively affect those
          systems that may be out of balance due to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual reasons. By using pure energy to re-balance the energy fields that help to regulate cellular physiology, Chiron
          Healing® Practitioners facilitate the restoration from a higher level of human functioning.

 3.      Chiron Healing® is not involved with the diagnosis and treatment of any disease or illness, and does not claim to be a substitute for traditional medical treatment.


             1.         A member must conduct her/himself in his professional role in accordance with this code as approved by the Committee.
         2.         All services and functions practised by a member must be provided in accordance with this code.

             3.         It should be the aim of every member to establish and maintain high standards of behaviour and responsibility in both professional and public life and to endeavour in every way to render
satisfactory service to their clients.
         4.         A member must maintain his/her knowledge and practice at an acceptable level of competence. Every member should consider it his/her duty to increase his/her knowledge and efficiency by
keeping up to date with the latest information and developments
                         in Chiron Healing
® and adopting current techniques and methods of proven worth.
             5.         A member must only perform those techniques and procedures that are within his/her competency and for which the appropriate qualification is held, and refer those clients whose needs or requests are outside his/her competency.
             6.         A member’s ordinary place of practice must provide privacy and confidentiality for his/her clients and their records.
            7.         A member must not exploit his/her relationship with a client in any way. In particular there must not be a sexual relationship with a client during the professional relationship.
             8.         The integrity of the practice of Chiron Healing® must be preserved at all times. A member is expected to behave in a manner which enhances the status of Chiron Healing® and promotes
public confidence. A member must refrain from criticising a colleague
                         in public or in a clinical setting in a manner which casts doubt on the colleague’s competence.

9.         A member must not, unless required by law, divulge information about a client unless the client specifically authorises the release in writing.

         10.       A member must adequately inform his/her clients of any possible reactions regarding a particular procedure, and the client’s informed consent should be obtained.

             11.       A member must respect the ethical, religious and political beliefs of his/her clients and provide his/her skill and knowledge to serve his/her fellow man and to alleviate human suffering
irrespective of colour, race, or creed.
             12.       A member must not provide his/her professional services to a client whilst his/her ability to do so is impaired by the influence of alcohol or drugs.

             13.       A member must not refuse his/her services to any person, after adequate enquiry, solely because of immediate inability to pay the fee.

             14.       A member must not give any specific guarantee regarding results from Chiron Healing®, but an indication of benefit where some can be confidently expected is acceptable.

             15.       A member must use Chiron Healing® skills in the most altruistic manner, never using his/her abilities to manipulate clients, or place undue pressure or influence upon a client’s course of
action. Such activity is regarded as a misuse of energy, and
                        contrary to this code.

             16.      When there is evidence of a problem or condition with which the member is not competent or confident to deal, or if the client requests a second opinion, the member should refer the patient to
another appropriate practitioner. The attending practitioner
                        should make available any relevant information and clearly indicate whether the consulting practitioner should assume continuing
care of the patient. If continuing care of the patient has not been clearly indicated, the consulting practitioner should carry out
                        the appropriate procedures, and as soon as possible, refer the
patient back to the attending practitioner for any further Chiron Healing®.
             17.      A member must be of good character and have good standing within the community. Any person who has committed a criminal offence, or who has a criminal record anywhere in the world is
ineligible for professional membership of this Association.
                        Any incident of this nature must be disclosed at the time of membership application.

             18.      A member must observe and comply with all laws and regulations of the State, Territory, Province or Country in which they provide Chiron Healing® services, and should co-operate with the
pertinent activities and policies of the authorities legally empowered
                        to regulate the practice of Chiron Healing® provided such regulation is not contrary to natural justice, public interest or the
equitable principles of law.


            1.      A member shall not teach Chiron Healing® principles, philosophies or techniques to any   person nor conduct a course of instruction pertaining to Chiron Healing® without first having obtained Teacher status as set out in the current Teacher’s Handbook,
                     or without prior approval by the Association as an acting temporary Teacher. The member shall confine him/herself to teaching only those principles, philosophies and techniques for which he/she has obtained the relevant qualification from the Association.
            2.      A member must respect the rights of privacy of individuals participating as subjects in classroom or training sessions, and must inform students witnessing case demonstrations that they must preserve the
anonymity and privacy of the client.
            3.      Members must not approve the use by inadequately trained persons of techniques requiring higher levels of competence except when they are under the direct supervision of an appropriately qualified Chiron Healing® Practitioner.


1. Records
All members who are Chiron Healing® Practitioners should maintain high standards in recording new cases and the progress of patients while in their care. Techniques and progress
should be recorded, including the following:
)   Date of each visit

)  Techniques used

Beneficial changes or any apparent adverse changes

   Any advice given

  On conclusion of case, results and comments

                      b)    All records should be retained for a minimum of seven (7) years following the last visit of the client, except in the case of a child (i.e. under 18 years of age) where records must be kept for seven (7) years after the child turns 21 years of age.

2.     Informed Consent
       Informed consent must be obtained in writing before accepting a client and proceeding with any Chiron Healing® treatment.  For any client under the age of 18 years, a parent or guardian’s permission must be obtained in writing before beginning any treatment.


1.         Any advertising (in relation to the practice of Chiron Healing®) must not be false, misleading, deceptive, designed to mislead or deceive, or likely to bring Chiron Healing® into disrepute.
2.         A member must not claim either directly or indirectly, in any advertisement that he/she is a specialist, or an expert, or a leader, or a consultant, without the written endorsement of the Committee.
3.         An advertisement may be considered false or misleading if it contains any claim that Chiron Healing® or the member treats, or can cure, any disease.
4.         An advertisement can be considered to bring Chiron Healing® into disrepute if it is disparaging of any other professional or profession, offers any prize, reward or inducement, contains material of a sexual, obscene or irreligious nature,
            is undignified, in bad taste or otherwise offensive or likely to harm the standing of Chiron Healing®.
5.         Canvassing or soliciting or any activity that hinders or prevents any citizen from going about their business in a public place may be deemed unprofessional and, therefore, should not be carried out without the prior approval of the Committee.
6.         The Association does not support any literature or pamphlets that have not been endorsed by the Committee.
7.         Advertising on electronic media: television, radio, video, cinema, internet, should comply with the above Regulations.


            1.         A member shall not publish as his/her own work that which is not essentially his/her own or take credit for work that is not his/her own.
            2.         A member must not try to prevent the publication of a critical review of his/her work.
            3.         A member must not endorse favourably for personal or financial gain a work that he/she knows to be inadequate or harmful.
            4.         Confidential material about clients or subjects, which might lead to their identification, must not be published without their permission.


            1.               The Association acknowledges that the logo appearing below, is the registered Trademark of Cheironia Pty. Ltd. and is protected by copyright.
The Association acknowledges that the term ‘Chiron Healing® is the registered Trademark of Cheironia Pty. Ltd. and is protected by copyright.

The Association acknowledges that the term ‘Essences of the Ancient Civilizations® is the registered Trademark of Cheironia Pty. Ltd. and is protected by copyright.

  Use of such copyright material is subject to conditions as set by Cheironia Pty. Ltd. and the Association by manner of a contract. The precise manner and form of the use of the said
Trademarks shall be set down in the contract.

             Cheironia Pty. Ltd. Registered Trademarks:   




             b)         The words:   Chiron Healing®     and     The Essences of the Ancient Civilizations®

 c)         Other Cheironia trade marks:     Aeolian EssencesTM

                                                           AESC EssencesTM

                                                           Chiron Classic EssencesTM


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