Chiron Healing® is for anyone to use for self-healing and helping family and friends on a non-professional basis. Non-professional means you cannot charge money or call yourself a Chiron Healing® practitioner or teacher.

A Chiron Healing® practitioner/ teacher can charge a fee for practicing or teaching Chiron Healing®.

To become a Chiron Healing® practitioner/ teacher you are required to study and be assessed by the Australia Energy School of Chiron - the education division of IACHI.

IACHI is the official organisation for Chiron Healing® practitioners and teachers.

IACHI supports the promotion and teaching of Chiron Healing® throughout Australia and overseas and through the Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC)  is responsible for all teaching/curriculum and assessment matters.

Only Students who have studied with IACHI accredited teachers are eligible to obtain official practitioner and teacher qualifications.

Copyright: All the manuals and written practitioner and teaching materials are copyright of the company Cheironia Pty Ltd,  set up by Jan Thomas (the author and channel of the information).  Use of the copyright material without written permission of Cheironia PL  is illegal and subject to copyright law.   IACHI is authorized by Cheironia PL to use the Chiron Healing® material

IACHI (International Association of Chiron Healers Incorporated) MEMBERSHIP 

The membership year runs from the 1 July to 30 June each year.  Members are required to pay their fees by the end of October of each year.
Important Note:  Members who have taken out Insurance coverage under the IACHI umbrella with OAMPS (now Arthur J. Gallagher) need to ensure that their membership is paid by the 1st July to maintain their insurance coverage. 

Once a member becomes un-financial their insurance coverage is voided.
Fee structure read more....

*** If you experience difficulties with payments please contact the I.A.C.H.I. Treasurer prior to the due date to discuss payment options.


Natural Therapists Team at Arthur J. Gallagher (Incorporating OAMPS Insurance Brokers):

Toll free phone: 1800 222 012

Email: www.ajg.com.au 

Email: naturaltherapists@oamps.com.au (as appears on the OAMPS application form)


A permission form is to be completed by members who are current financial IACHI Chiron Healing® practitioners and/or teachers, and want their contact details to be included on the Website and in other official IACHI documents, e.g. members directory etc,. as they become available.

Please print out and complete the   Personal contact details - Permission Authority Form   in full and forward by email, post or fax to the IACHI Secretary at the address listed on the form. 

For further inquiries please contact: 

The IACHI Secretary (see Contacts)