Where it began


Where Chiron Healing® Began

Chiron Healing® began in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, in the late 1970’s when a small group of health professionals began meeting on a regular basis to listen to and learn from seer Jan Thomas (formerly Trenorden). Jan imparted information about the human energy field and its influence on increasing vitality and wellness within the human body. During the next few years, vital information was accumulated and was clinically tested by this group of people. It was soon very apparent that valuable insights into the workings of the human body in health and disease were clearly emerging. This new body of information became known as Chiron Healing®.

Client healing successes began to grow and greater interest in the principles and techniques followed. It became evident that this was a method of energy healing that needed to be shared with the world. Since that time Chiron Healing® has quickly spread to all parts of Australia and overseas. As new information was imparted by Jan Thomas, a comprehensive series of workshops and accompanying manuals were developed. Read more....

In May 2000, due to increased demand for training and for official recognition of qualifications for Chiron Healing®, the International Association of Chiron Healers Incorporated was formed. More recently the Australian Energy School  of Chiron  provides the necessary structure to unify the content and standards for all training courses conducted in Australia and overseas.  Read more.... 

The Chiron Healing® techniques and Philosophies have been taught to us by Jan Thomas.

  Jan Thomas  (7 October 1948 to 17 April 2011) devoted her life to bringing through and further developing this gentle, yet powerfully effective form of
  healing.  Her own desire to express love can be found in this conversation with a student after an Essence Workshop in Maleny, QLD, Australia.

                                                                Student: “What is Chiron Healing®  about in a nutshell Jan?”

                                                                Jan: “It’s about going inside to find the Love that is there, and then we are able to share it with others”

Chiron Healing®  is a modality that supports the clearing away and healing of old issues held within ourselves so that we can then allow that deep core place within to be expressed. 

   Jan Thomas   Read more....

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