Jan Thomas

     Jan Thomas - Author and Founder of Chiron Healing®    
 "We are the Universe and the Universe is Us"     Jan Thomas  

Jan Thomas
(formerly Trenorden, nee Reading) 7 October 1948 to 17 April 2011.

was an exceptionally gifted Seer 
and Psychic.  She had the ability of connecting with the Spirit realms and particularly with Master Chiron (the ancient Greek teacher). With this gift she dedicated her life to bringing through and developing the body of information which became known as Chiron Healing®. For more than 30 years Jan worked with others to train practitioners and teachers in this extraordinary healing modality.

Jan has authored several books and many articles, including writings on such subjects as: working with children, working with animals and plants, addictions, essences, healing in the ancient ways. The entire set of manuals which accompany Chiron Healing® seminars and workshops were developed by Jan.

Her knowledge of healing and the etheric energy pattern is unsurpassed.

Jan Thomas passed in April  2011 of a heart attack after living with an unusual heart for all of her life. 

Her work goes on and she lives on within each of her students.


        "Everything that is, has, or will happen, comes into being for a reason"   Jan Thomas

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