Photo of painting by Margot McNamara
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Chiron Healing
® draws from the wisdom of  Chiron and ancient Greece.  In the ancient Greek myths, Chiron was the leader of the Centaurs and the master teacher of healers, philosophers, astrologers, mystics, writers, artists, wanderers and surgeons. In recent history Chiron Healing® is associated with the Aesclepian Healing Temples of Greece which are still in existence today.  

His wise counsel was sought 
by many
                                                     THE GREEK MYTH OF CHIRON

In Greek and Roman mythology Chiron is the well known half-man half-horse centaur figure, and is represented by the Sagittarian sign of the zodiac. He was the illegitimate and immortal son of the god Saturn and the sea-nymph Philyra. He grew to be one of the greatest teachers of all time.

It is said that Chiron was abandoned by his mother at birth because of his extraordinary appearance, however being an immortal, he survived and grew to maturity. He was married to a fresh-water nymph called Chariclo. Chiron and Chariclo had a daughter who had the gift of prophesy, they didn't have sons. Perhaps for this reason, Chiron later became foster father and teacher to many of the ancient heroes, such as Hercules, Jason, Achilles and Aesclepius.
Chiron was known as a great teacher, physician, inventor, prophet and sage. He lived and carried on his work in a cave near the top of Mount Pelion in Greece where he was born. Although he taught the arts of war to some of his pupils, he was much more enthusiastic about the healing arts. Chiron was close to the world of Nature, and as a healer he excelled as a herbalist, physician and surgeon. He was also known as an ethical and religious teacher, whose wise counsel was sought by many in the surrounding kingdoms of northern Greece.

One day, after helping to chase away a rowdy and drunken gang of centaurs who had tried to run off with the bride at a wedding, Chiron was accidentally wounded by a poisoned arrow shot by his friend Hercules (who was distraught by this accident). Despite infinite attempts Chiron was unable to heal this wound and being an immortal, he was unable to die. He was doomed to suffer his painful, mortal wound forever. It is for this reason that Chiron has in the past been known as the "Wounded Healer".

Sagittarius to honour Chiron
Much later, and weary of his long and painful life, he was granted the right to trade his immortality for the release of Promethius (who Chiron believed had been wrongfully sentenced to an eternity of punishment). This trade enabled Chiron to end his earthly life. The god Zeus was so impressed with Chiron that not long after his death, he made a new constellation in the stars, Sagittarius, to honour Chiron.
For centuries after his presumed death Chiron’s cave, called the Cheironian, continued as a sanctuary. It has been located on Mount Pelion, Greece, by modern archaeologists.

 Like Chiron, many of us have some areas in our lives which we may have struggled to heal. In our search for meaning and healing we gain knowledge and learn new skills along the way. In the process of healing we begin to evolve spiritually, thus enriching our lives. The search for meaning becomes the quest for our own Truth.