Q. What is Chiron Healing®?

A. Chiron Healing® is a method of energy healing that aims to restore balance within the subtle energy systems of the body.  Chiron Healing® is not involved with the diagnosis and treatment of disease or illness, and does not claim to be a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

Q. Can anyone learn to do Chiron Healing®?

A. Yes. Chiron Healing® can be learnt by anyone who has interest and curiosity in healing.  Its methods are learnt step by step, allowing you to practice and integrate the benefits with experience as you go.  Trained teachers support you in the process of learning and in answering any questions you have.

Q. If I can’t see energy or the human aura can I learn to do Chiron Healing®?

A. Yes you can. Many people do great work without being able to perceive the energy body. This is accomplished by maintaining intention while directing energy towards parts of the energy pattern. Our energy field or Master Diamond exists as a complex web of energy centers and structures. The Master Diamond is charted within the Chiron Healing® manuals. This enables practitioners and students to work systematically through each part of the etheric pattern in turn. Imbalances are corrected, areas of energy are supported and life sustaining energy can then flow freely again.

Q. Does Chiron Healing® work for physical ailments too?

A Chiron Healing® treatment may be very effective in the process of supporting the physical body to heal. However "Chiron Healing® is not involved with the diagnosis and treatment of any disease or illness, and does not claim to be a substitute for traditional medical treatment." We advise you to obtain advice from your registered health practitioner.

Q. Can it help with depression?

A. Many people have been greatly supported by Chiron Healing® during their journey through the complexities of depression. Often the bleakness and overwhelm that they are experiencing may be ‘cleared and swept out’ of their energy pattern, leaving more space for them to work through the various issues involved. By re-establishing balance within their energy they are often able to find gentle clarity and a way forward.

Q. Do I have to become a practitioner to use Chiron Healing®?

A. No you don’t. Anyone can practice Chiron Healing® techniques.  However to call or advertise yourself a Chiron Healing® practitioner it is required that you go through the whole process as per IACHI practitioner training requirements and maintain IACHI membership.

Q. Can Chiron Healing® be incorporated into my existing health practice?

A. Absolutely. Chiron Healing® can add wonderful benefits for practitioners of other healing modalities. N.B. Please refer to the above Question and Answer.

Q. How long does it take to study Chiron Healing®?

A. Chiron Healing® can be studied at your own pace.  There are curriculum requirements to reach practitioner and teacher levels.  

Q. How did Chiron Healing® evolve?

A.  The beginnings of Chiron Healing® began in Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia, in the late1970s when a small group of health professionals began meeting on a regular basis to listen and learn from Jan Thomas, a talented psychic medium. Jan brought through information about the human energy field and its influence on the human body in health and disease. Information was accumulated and clinically tested by this group of people.  It was soon realized that a valuable new insight into the workings of the human body in health and disease was emerging.  This new body of knowledge became known as 'CHIRON HEALING®'. 

Q. Can Chiron Healing® be applied to oneself?

A. Absolutely. There are various principles within Chiron Healing®. The first principle is to 'care for others'.The second principle  is: ‘To care for self’.  The Chiron Healing® journey is not only to learn to use the healing techniques to help others, but also to assist your own self to find that wholeness within the ‘Core’ of your being while supporting your body to be in optimal health.

If you have further questions please call one of the Chiron Healing® teachers or AESC administration.

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