Chiron Healing® 凱龍治療®

    Welcome to Chiron Healing®.
International Association of Chiron Healers Incorporated (IACHI) and Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC)

Chiron Healing® has been empowering people and training practitioners for over 30 years.

Chiron Healing® courses are held throughout Australia and internationally.        

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Chiron Healing® repairs the auraChiron Healing® sees all matter as an expression of energy.  Energy surrounds and permeates all physical matter.  This is referred to as etheric energy. It is within this subtle network of etheric energy that Chiron Healing® practitioners work, drawing energy through their hands to bring about healing  on all levels.  Chiron Healing® works deeply to alleviate dis-at-easements by clearing, repairing and strengthening the etheric pattern. By correcting  imbalances at their source (in the Etheric Pattern), true healing is achieved and life sustaining energy can then flow freely again. This is a beautiful modality that supports the healing of issues and patterns held within our cellular levels. As these are cleared love can begin to flow and we may allow that sacred place within to be expressed, making a difference in our own lives, the lives of others and in the world.  

Many people around the world have experienced wonderful life-changing results from Chiron Healing®, at times considered to be miraculous. Physical symptoms are often alleviated, leading to vitality and optimal health.
After a session people often describe feeling connected, grounded and have increased optimism. Through the healing process, energy foundations become clearer and  stronger; this enables greater wellness and joy. We learn to discern what feels right within our core. Many have reported experiencing expanded ways of seeing life and are able to move forward into new ways of being, accessing intuition and vast inner knowledge.  

The experience of a Chiron Healing® session facilitates a natural integration of all aspects of self:  This organismic self-regulation occurs within many levels over time.  In this healing journey one regulates towards wholeness. Awareness is clarified, leading to healthy choices and expansion of self.

"It's about going inside to find the Love that is there, and then we are able to share it with others"  Jan Thomas