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The Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC) was formed in the 1980's. AESC trains Chiron Healing® 
practitioners and teachers worldwide and currently operates under the auspices of the International Association of Chiron Healers Inc (IACHI). IACHI was incorporated in Victoria, Australia, in May, 2000 and is a non-profit association.


The AESC vision is to  make Chiron Healing® available to anyone who wishes to access it anywhere in the world. We aim for excellence in providing the highest quality of education to as many people as possible so that they maybe come confident and competent Chiron Healers. This training may be undertaken for personal development and understanding, as a planned career, as a professional practitioner or teacher, or for updating  professional qualifications.


AESC is the only fully accredited school for overseeing the dissemination of Chiron Healing® training in Australia and overseas. Accredited teachers deliver national standards of training via a comprehensive curriculum. This curriculum offers a choice of training pathways for both professional and non-professional Chiron Healing® practitioners.  AESC provides support and guidance to both students and graduates to assist them in developing their healing and intuitive abilities and to achieve their desired Chiron Healing® outcomes. We view Chiron Healing® as universal and as such we endeavour to treat our students and graduates with respect, dignity, sensitivity and care.  We provide equal opportunity for all students with respect to cultural diversity. Ongoing support for our students and graduates is important to us. Continuing personal and professional development is offered through Annual Gatherings, post-graduate Practitioner and Teacher training, and Research and Development seminars.


AESC is recognized by the International Association of Chiron Healers Inc. (IACHI) and graduates are eligible to apply for Professional or Non-Professional membership.

OUR COURSES


All Chiron Healing® modules are taught by Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC) accredited teachers. Teachers, in various Australian States and overseas regularly conduct courses in their local areas.  All students, regardless of where they are taught are assessed according to standard criteria and upon achieving competency graduate through the school of AESC.

Chiron Healing® modules (e.g. Chiron Healing® Level 1, Chiron Healing® Level 2) are usually taught over a two day weekend. This allows students to continue with their weekday commitments while undergoing  their studies. Accredited teachers work independently of, and yet in co-operation with, each other. 

Our Workshop and Events calender shows when and where courses are scheduled. 

Please contact the Teacher for more information on individual courses.


Graduating students receive either a Practitioner or Teacher Certificate according to their level of achievement. All qualifications issued by AESC are internationally recognized by IACHI. Professional Chiron Healing® practitioner or teacher certificate holders are eligible to join IACHI as  Professional members. 


Professional Indemnity insurance cover is available to all accredited Chiron Healing® practitioners and teachers through Arthur J. Gallagher (formerly OAMPS Insurers). To obtain insurance you are required to be a current financial member of IACHI and to provide a copy of your membership certificate.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is granted where the applicant has completed appropriate study through a government accredited Registered Training Organization (RTO) or international equivalent. Appropriate industry experience will be given consideration, based on how recent, relevant and extensive the experience.  The applicant can apply and submit evidence to support their application for RPL on the "Application for RPL" form available for download under the AESC Tab - Forms, or by contacting the AESC School administrator.



For credit transfer you must provide copies of formal qualifications gained e.g. Graduation Certificate, Statement of Attainment, or Certificate of Competency, which show the exact corresponding unit code.   If competency was previously achieved for an old unit of study (i.e. prior to the introduction of Government Training Packages) credit transfer is not available.


The good news is there are no “scary” exams - all assessments are “Open Book”.

Written assessments are completed at home and are sent to AESC for marking.  Practical assessments are also “Open Book”. Students are able to refer to their course manual at any time during assessment. Successful applicants are issued with a Certificate of Competency from AESC.                                                                


There are clinics available  for student observation of Chiron Healing®. Practice sessions are held on a regular basis in many locations. If you live in an area where there are no clinics or practice sessions available AESC will assist in making alternative arrangements so you can complete course requirements.


Each AESC Chiron Healing® teacher works independently. They set their own course dates and establish their own fee schedules for course modules. Students register directly with the teacher and pay the fee directly to them. In general, the investment for a two-day weekend seminar will be between $300 - $400. This fee includes a comprehensive Course Manual and morning and afternoon teas. You are responsible for all other expenses including: travel, meals and accommodation.

Teachers offer students a reduced fee for repeat module attendance. This does not include the course manual.



Students are issued with a comprehensive course manual when they attend a Chiron Healing® course. This manual contains the information about the level of study being attended and may be used later as a reference manual. Manuals are not available for purchase unless you attend a bona fide course. 

All manuals are covered by copyright and must not be duplicated or distributed in any manner.

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