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The Australian Energy School of Chiron (AESC) provides uniform  standards  of  training  delivered by accedited teachers. Would you  like  to  become  a  Chiron  Healer? There  is  a growing  call  for  gentle  methods  of  healing  in  today’s  stressful  world. Chiron  Healing®  is  a  gentle  and  effective  method  of  restoring  balance  to  the  subtle  energy  systems  of  the  body. We  invite  you  to  join  our  ever  increasing  number  of  qualified  Chiron  Healers  worldwide. 

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Chiron Healing® is a gentle, non-invasive method of clearing, balancing and maintaining the subtle energy systems of the body, mind and soul. Our students come from many different backgrounds and have differing levels of knowledge and experience when it comes to working with energies. Everyone is made welcome, whether an experienced practitioner or someone just starting out on their energy healing journey.

The Australian Energy School of Chiron teaches Chiron Healing® principles, philosophies and techniques via an extensive curriculum which provides training pathways for both professional and non-professional Chiron Healing® practitioners. We adhere to uniform standards of training delivered by accredited teachers.

Many of our graduates choose to make a career from their studies and go into private practice, while others are satisfied with improving their knowledge of energy healing and being able to work on themselves, family and friends. A number of people have utilized their training in Chiron Healing® to work specifically with the animal and plant kingdoms. Some students further their studies and go on to become Chiron Healing® teachers. When you study Chiron Healing® with us the choice is yours. 

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Chiron Healing® has been empowering people and training practitioners for over 30 years.